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World Languages

Freshman Honors

Math Assessment and Placement

Want to improve your ALEKS score?

If your ALEKS score does not qualify you for the course you expected or hoped to take, the assessment can be taken up to five times. However, before retaking the assessment it is strongly advised that you complete a thorough review of the areas showing weakness.

Consider the following:

  • Take a summer course at Iowa State University (Math 140 or Math 143).  This course should be a prerequisite for the course you hope to take in the fall. If you earn a "C" or better in this course you will be admitted to the next course without retaking the ALEKS assessment.
  • Take one of the ALEKS “Prep” modules. These reviews are designed by ALEKS to address the areas of deficiency as revealed by the ALEKS assessment. Review modules are offered free of charge.  The module options are listed on the Score Placement site.
  • Take a remedial course at another institution. If you choose this option you will still be required to retake the ALEKS placement assessment so we can be sure that you have mastered the topics that are prerequisite to the course you desire to take.