Gustavo Macintosh Selected as Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Professorship!


Gustavo Macintosh

Congratulations to Dr. Gustavo Macintosh for being selected for the prestigious "Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean’s Professorship”, funded from the Transforming Liberal Arts and Sciences endowment.  Named faculty positions are the highest recognition for scholarly excellence at U.S. research universities, they are rare and prestigious. This award expresses appreciation for Dr. Macintosh's outstanding research on gene expression and metabolic changes during plant defense responses to pests.  This professorship will support Dr. Macintosh's leadership role as the elected president of the American Society of Plant Biologists.  As part of the professorship, Dr. Macintosh will receive $50,000 in research support per year, beginning January 1, 2022, and ending December 31, 2024, with an option of renewal for an additional three years.  We are proud to have Gustavo’s accomplishments recognized in this manner, well done!!!