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Dr. Wendy J. Maury Appointed BBMB Affiliate Professor

Wendy J. Maury

Dr. Maury is Professor of Professor of Microbiology and Immunology. With her research program, she seeks to understand the interaction of enveloped viruses with the host. Studies currently focus on virus entry and innate host immune responses to virus infection. Using the skin, liver, spleen, lung and peritoneal cavity as model tissues, she investigates how the cellular environment alters these interactions. Through studies with filoviruses, coronaviruses, alphaviruses and flaviviruses, she and her lab members have identified a novel set of cell surface receptors that interact with lipids in viral membranes and continues to explore the cellular biology of these interactions as well as the pathological consequences. An appreciation of the cellular attachment factors, receptors, internalization pathways, and fusion events used by viruses to enter cells provides an avenue for the development of antiviral therapies.

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