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Dr. Louisa Tabatabai receives lifetime membership from the International Brucellosis Society

Dr. Louisa Tabatabai was unanimously chosen to receive lifetime membership from the International Brucellosis Society!  Dr. Tabatabai’s extensive publications concerning brucellosis are cited continually, and her impact on the understanding of the organism and the disease cannot be understated.  Dr. Tabatabai is a shining example of a dedicated scientist with continuous achievements and an undying curiosity of the role bacterial proteins play in pathogenesis of disease. A quote from the Secretary-Treasurer of the International Brucellosis Society “I am honored to share this monumental announcement with you. I can think of no one more deserving of lifetime membership. I look forward to your continued attendance at future conferences so that the new wave of brucellosis researchers learn from your wisdom and knowledge.”

 Job well done Dr. Tabatabai!