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Welcome, Teaching Lab Coordinator Nick Crumpton!

We're thrilled to announce that Nick Crumpton has joined us as Teaching Lab Coordinator!

Nick was born and raised in Ames and received his bachelor’s in chemistry at Iowa State University. During his undergraduate studies he developed a passion for education and science communication, and after graduating cultivated that passion by spending a decade teaching undergraduate chemistry laboratory at Drake University. While at Drake he took formal graduate STEM education coursework and applied knowledge gained to his courses; restructuring curriculum and methodologies to align with research-based best teaching practices. He is completing his Master’s in STEM Education and is excited to utilize his skills and expertise towards providing the best undergraduate lab experiences for our students at ISU.

Our capstone undergraduate lab, BBMB 411, is currently underway and we are very appreciative of the expertise and energy that Nick has brought to this challenging and important lab experience.

The Department welcomed Nick Crumpton and Al Culbertson (Assistant Professor) at an ice cream social in September.