Andrew (Drew) Tonsager

REU Student, Summer 2015
Andrew (Drew) Tonsager photo

REU project: Investigating the expression of both the Arabidopsis QQS and a potential interacting partner in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
It has been shown that altered QQS expression in Arabidopsis and that overexpressing QQS in soybean affects carbon partitioning; therefore, QQS serves as a modulator of carbon and nitrogen allocation.  We have identified a yeast homolog of the AtQQS’ interacting partner, and will begin to investigate these interactions by overexpression and construction of QQS related single and double knockout strains.

School: Iowa State University
Major: Biochemistry
Year: Junior
Research location: Nikolau research lab, Iowa State University
Mentor: Dr. Alexis Campbell, associate scientist

Area of Expertise: