Department Chair

Kristen Johansen
Roy J. Carver Professor and Department Chair of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Regulation of nuclear organization and function


Amy Andreotti
Roy J. Carver Chair and University Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Nuclear magnetic resonance; Macromolecular structure and recognition
Don Beitz
Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor
Lipid metabolism, Nutritional and genetic control quality of animal-derived foods Etiology and prevention of fatty liver disease
Tom Bobik
Bacterial Microcompartments
Baoyu Stone Chen
Assistant Professor
Signaling through the actin cytoskeleton
Alan DeSpirito
Bioenergetics of chemoautotrophic and methanotrophic bacteria
Mark Hargrove
Protein structure and function; Heme proteins; X-ray crystallography
Richard Honzatko
Structure determination of macromolecules of biological interest, Crystallization of proteins and x-ray crystallography, Energy-conformation analysis of protein ligand interactions
Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor
Molecular models, Nucleic acids, Small molecules and Structures of proteins
Jorgen Johansen
Regulation of nuclear organization and function
Gustavo MacIntosh
Gene expression and metabolic changes during plant defense responses to pests; Functional genomics of plant nucleases
Walter Moss
Assistant Professor
Noncoding RNA discovery; RNA structure and function
Alan Myers
Molecular mechanisms of starch assembly and disassembly, Plant functional genomics
Scott Nelson
Associate Professor
Molecular mechanisms of DNA replication and repair
Basil Nikolau
Frances M. Craig Professor
Biochemistry and molecular biology of biotin and biotin-containing enzymes, Regulation of plant lipid metabolism
Marit Nilsen-Hamilton
Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Reuben Peters
Roy J. Carver Professor of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Biosynthesis and physiological function of diterpenoid natural products.
Guru Rao
Associate VPR, Professor
Structure-function relationships of plant proteins, Protein-protein interactions in plant signal transduction, Protein engineering
Julien Roche
Assistant Professor
Solution NMR of proteins
Dipali Sashital
Associate Professor
Structure function and assembly of RNA-protein complexes
Yeon-Kyun Shin
Structure and function of selected membrane proteins, Mechanisms of secretory vesicle fusion with membranes
Michael Shogren-Knaak
Associate Professor
Role and establishment of histone modifications, Chromatin structure
Robert Thornburg
Plant gene expression, Plant/insect interaction, Plant development
Assistant Professor
Architecture and assembly of scaffolded signaling complexes
Assistant Professor
Olga Zabotina
Plant Cell Wall Structure, Polysaccharide Biosynthesis Modification and Degradation, Bioactive Carbohydrates