Courtesy Appointments

Affiliate Associate Professor
Glycoprotein structure and immune activation, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Photograph of Josh Beck
Assistant Professor
Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Structure and function of selected membrane proteins
Michael Cho
Development of a vaccine against HIV-1
Jack Girton
Professor Emeritus
Developmental and molecular genetics of Drosophila pattern formation, Genetic regulation of cell determination
Wendy J. Maury
Affiliate Professor
W. Allen Miller
Plant Pathology, Molecular biology of plant viruses, Virus-aphid vector interaction
Caldwell Assistant Professor of Theoretical Chemistry
Chemistry, Chemical Physics
Guru Rao
Professor Emeritus
Structure-function relationships of plant proteins, Protein-protein interactions in plant signal transduction, Protein engineering
Ravindra Singh
Proteomics, Structural Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics
Louisa Tabatabae
Protein chemistry, Proteomics, Structure/function relationships of bacterial proteins
Vincenzo Venditti
Assistant Professor
Protein structures dynamics and regulation, Development of solution NMR methods for structural elucidation of large proteins and protein complexes