Rounding Out Your Semester with Other Courses


Credit Totals and Optional Extra Classes

Ultimately, our Biochemistry & Biophysics majors aim for a starting semester with between 14 and 16 credits.

Notably, this credit total falls comfortably between the full-time student minimum (12) and maximum (18). The Honors program allows for 21 credits per semester, but that would be very unusual.

Here is a summary of your standard first semester requirements:

Biochemistry Learning Community 1 cr
Introduction to Biochemistry 1 cr
Chemistry + Lab 5-6 cr
Math 4 cr
Sub Total 11-12 cr
Scholarship/Honors/Choices* 1 - 5 cr left to be added
Final Total 14-16 cr

Here are some possible optional courses to choose from to round out your first semester. All of these choices will count toward your progress as a Biochemistry or Biophysics major in either the LAS or CALS colleges.

In the pages below in this module you can find other miscellaneous General Education courses for majors in either the LAS college or CALS college. These course lists have been curated to highlight entry-level courses that are available to first year students with no prerequisites.

English 150

ACT English score below 24

3 cr

Library 160

to be taken along with first English class

1 cr.

Honors requirements

English 250H, Honors seminar, and Lib 160

5 cr.


Biol 211 (lab optional)

3 - 4 cr.


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences General Education Entry-Level Courses

* Fulfills U.S. Diversity requirement
~ Fulfills International Perspectives requirement

Arts and Humanities (12 credits needed before graduation)

AF AM 201: Intro African American Studies *
AM IN 201: Native People American Culture *
AM IN 210: Intro to American Indian Studies *
ARCH 221: History Pre-Modern Architecture ~
ART H 280: History of Art I ~
ART H 292: Intro to Visual Culture Studies *
CL ST 273: Greek and Roman Mythology ~
DANCE 270: Dance Appreciation ~
HD FS 240: Literature for Children *
HIST 201: Intro to Western Civilization I ~
HIST 207: Chinese Civilization ~
HIST 211: Ancient Empires: Sargon to Caesar ~
HIST 225: Intro to Asian American Studies *
HIST 280: Introduction to History of Science I ~
LING 119: Introduction to World Languages ~
LING 120: Computers and Language
MUSIC 101: Fundamentals of Music
MUSIC 102: Introduction to Music Listening ~
PHIL 201: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 206: Intro to Logic & Scientific Reasoning
PHIL 230: Moral Theory and Practice
PHIL 235: Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society *
RELIG 205: Introduction to World Religions ~
RELIG 210: Religion in America *
RELIG 220: Introduction to the Bible
RELIG 280: Introduction to Catholicism
SP CM 216: Great Speakers and Speeches *
SP CM 275: Analysis of Popular Culture Texts
THTRE 106: Intro to the Performing Arts
THTRE 110: Theatre and Society
US LS 211: Intro to U.S. Latino/a Studies *
WLC 278: Introduction to Global Film ~
WGS 201: Intro to Women & Gender Studies *

Social Sciences (9 credits needed before graduation)

ADVRT 230: Advertising Principles
ANTHR 201: Intro to Cultural Anthropology ~
ANTHR 230: Globalization/Human Condition ~
C R P 201: The North American Metropolis *
CJ ST 240: Intro to U.S. Criminal Justice System
CJ ST 241: Youth and Crime
COMST 101: Intro to Communication Studies
COMST 211: Interpersonal Communication
DES 230: Design Thinking
ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics
HD FS 102: Development Health & Well-Being
HD FS 239: Consumer Issues *
HD FS 276: Human Sexuality *
JL MC 101: Mass Media and Society
JL MC 240: Principles of Journalism
POL S 215: Intro to American Government
POL S 241: Intro to Comparative Politics ~
POL S 251: Intro to International Politics ~
PSYCH 101: Introduction to Psychology
PSYCH 230: Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 250: Psychology of the Workplace
PSYCH 280: Social Psychology
SOC 134: Introduction to Sociology
SP CM 110: Listening

U.S. Diversity

(options that are not dual counted with a General Education course)

A M D 165: Dress, Appearance, and Diversity
WGS 160: Gender Justice

International Perspectives

(options that are not dual counted with a General Education course)

AGRON 180: Global Ag in a Changing World
any World Language

Find more information on all courses at the ISU Course Catalog