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Biochemistry B.S. (LAS)

Program Design

Course Requirements for B.S. in Biochemistry

A distinguishing feature of the Biochemistry major is the emphasis on discovering and understanding the specific molecular mechanisms of life processes. In other words, biochemists try to understand biological functions in terms of the fundamental principles of chemistry and physics. The Biochemistry major offers comprehensive training in the mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biological sciences including biochemistry, genetics, and molecular cell biology.

Biochemistry is a challenging major that requires mastering complex material in mathematics and science. There is a strong emphasis on research, including the scientific method and advanced laboratory techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology. A strength of the program is the many opportunities afforded to undergraduates to participate directly in the nationally recognized research laboratories in the Department of BBMB.

This degree is administered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The elective course choices in the degree are designed to provide a broad education in the humanities and social sciences, as a complement to the intensive scientific and mathematical emphasis of the major field. The Biochemistry degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences differs from the Biochemistry degree in the College of Agriculture only in the elective portions of the curricula.

Career Opportunities

The life sciences industry is developing rapidly along with advances such as the sequencing of the human genome. Biochemistry majors enter this field with the fundamental knowledge base needed to learn and grow throughout their careers. With the B.S. degree, jobs are available as technicians in the pharmaceutical, food, and agribusiness industries. This degree also positions students very well for further study at the graduate level, such as the Ph.D. degree for research careers, the M.D. or D.V.M. for careers in human- or animal medicine, or pharmacy school. The B.S. degree in Biochemistry also allows entry into related careers such as forensic science, patent law, and others.