Recent News

The Bailey award is given to faculty whose research is innovative and not only increases fundamental knowledge, but also has practical applications. This year, Thomas Bobik, professor of microbiology, received a three-year, $137,697 award to explore the use of methanobactin as a way to remove copper in human tissue as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.  

Faculty chosen for 2018 Dean's Emerging Faculty Leaders Awards are Adam Barb, Nell Gabiam, and Grant Arndt in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  These members were chosen based on their excellent research.  The awards are funded by donations from members of the LAS Dean's Advisory Council and LAS alumni. 

The diversity of ideas and perspectives students bring is essential to keep research fresh and moving forward.  Awarded the LAS Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring, Reuben Peters, a professor in biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology, has provided guidance to 17 students who have received graduate level degrees, and his mentoring has led to more than 90 publications and four patents.