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Don Beitz

Don Beitz

  • Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor
Dr. Beitz’s research activities include the etiology and prevention of ketosis in dairy cows, and nutritional and genetic control of milk and meat animal composition. Dr. Beitz’s research program is related to the biochemistry and physiology of nutrition and is conducted partly as a joint effort with animal and human nutritionists.

Study of the etiology and prevention of prevention of fatty liver and ketosis is a major emphasis of Beitz’s research program. The technology to use glucagon to treat and prevent fatty liver and ketosis in peripartal dairy cattle is being developed.

A second project involves studies of feeding distillers grains to dairy cows to evaluate effects on milk composition and cheese quality.

A third major project is designed to evaluate the role of specific regulators of fat deposition in beef cattle and of milk fat synthesis by dairy cattle. Nutritional and genetic impacts on milk and meat composition with emphasis on fatty acids and the subsequent eating qualities of dairy and meat products are being evaluated.

Additional projects include a collaborative project on the dietary and chemical control of production of greenhouse gases (e.g., CH4 and H2S) by livestock, and the role of interim D in intestinal health.

Dr. Beitz currently has collaborative projects with scientists at the National Animal Disease Center on nutritional immunology and etiology and prevention of Johne’s disease.

Contact Info

313 Kildee
806 Stange Rd.


  • B.S., Agricultural Science, University of Illinois, 1962
  • M.S., Dairy Science, University of Illinois, 1963
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry and Dairy Nutrition, Michigan State University, 1967

More Information

Area of Expertise: 


  • Lipid metabolism
  • Nutritional and genetic control quality of animal-derived foods Etiology and prevention of fatty liver disease