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This webpage provides access to the Cybox folder “BBMB Seminar Library,” which contains recorded BBMB Department Seminars, particularly Work-in-Progress (WIP) seminars, starting from July, 2020.  To view a recorded seminar, click here.  Note only current BBMB students, postdocs, staff, and faculty, or those in the approved list, can access this library. By viewing or downloading a seminar recording, you agree that you are aware the video may contain unpublished data, and therefore, you will limit the video to your own use and not distribute them to unauthorized people. 

Note: In-person attendance at the BBMB Department seminars is a requirement for Biochemistry and Biophysics M.S. and Ph.D. students, who must also enroll in BBMB 682 Department Seminar each fall and spring during their graduate studies.  Interdepartmental students (BCB, GENGM, PL BIO, Neuro, etc.) doing graduate studies in a BBMB faculty research group are encouraged to attend these seminars if it does not conflict with coursework.  Concurrent BS/MS students in Biochemistry and Biophysics are not required to enroll in or attend these seminars, but are encouraged to attend as their schedule allows.

For BBMB graduate students, if there is a justifiable reason to miss a scheduled BBMB Department seminar due to TA responsibilities, a time conflict with a required course, or another unforeseen reason, such as illness, email Allison Ringholz (, BBMB Graduate Program Coordinator,  for a makeup, which can be achieved by viewing the recorded seminar—in this case, students must download the seminar recording to view it in order to receive credit for attendance.