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Undergraduate Resources

Undergraduate Resources



Each BBMB undergraduate is supported by an Academic Advisor and a Faculty Mentor.


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Undergraduate Majors

BBMB offers undergraduate study in two different colleges: You can study Biochemistry in either the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) or the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS). Another option is to major in Biophysics (LAS). 

What are the requirements for each major?

What if I'm a transfer student?

BBMB welcomes transfer students and provides options for making efficient use of your previous study. More information:

How are BBMB majors the same?

Every BBMB student, regardless of major, has access to extracurricular opportunities like BBMB Club, Stupka Symposium, and research.

All undergraduate students seeking a degree from Iowa State University complete a common set of general education requirements.

What's the difference between Biochemistry and Biophysics?

If you study Biochemistry or Biophysics, the core courses you'll take will vary slightly to reflect the major's focus. Majors in Biochemistry will spend more time studying biochemistry and biology, and majors in Biophysics wil spend more time studying math, physics, and/or statistics.

What's the difference between Biochemistry (CALS) and Biochemistry (LAS)?

As colleges, CALS and LAS have different structures and focuses. To learn more about the student experience in each college, check out these pages:

If you study Biochemistry, regardless of college, the core courses you'll take will be the same but CALS and LAS have slightly different requirements outside the core Biochemistry major. For example, CALS has an Agricultural Courses requirement, and LAS has a World Language requirement.

For more information on all our majors, see the sections below, organized by college.

    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS)

    LAS Academic Services

      B.S. in Biochemistry (LAS) Major Program of Study

      B.S. in Biophysics Major Program of Study

      LAS Requirements: Approved-Course Lists

      College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)

      CALS Student Services:  Forms and Resources

      B.S. in Biochemistry (CALS)

      CALS Requirements: Approved-Course Lists

      For general questions about the BBMB undergraduate program not addressed by the above, contact Claire Kruesel, BBMB Undergraduate Program Coordinator: