Chemistry Course Options


Hach Hall

As a Biochemist, you will gain a wealth of experience and expertise in general chemistry. As such, we will start with selecting a starting point for your first chemistry class.

Nearly all of our students start with general chemistry in one of two forms. The majority opt for General Chemistry as a two-semester offering. This is a good choice if you have a standard science background from high school. For this first semester we would usually select Chem 177 and its associated lab for a total of five credits. We reserve seats for our students in this chemistry class, so you’ll likely attend with many of your biochemistry co-majors.

There is a more advanced alternative. Chem 201 condenses two semesters’ worth of general chemistry into one fast-paced semester. This course is designed for incoming students who have a lot of high school chemistry and physics. For example, people who have taken AP chemistry might consider this alternative chemistry course. The chemistry department recommends that people considering Chem 201 are at least taking Calculus I or higher. They also recommend at least one year each of high school chemistry and physics. The Chem 201 option also comes with a lab, for a total of six credits.  Notably, with Chem 201, you finish two semester’s worth of general chemistry in one semester. It’s an immersive, team-based learning experience, but a great option if you’re joining us with a substantial chemistry background already.

First Semester Chemistry Options

Chem 177/177L. General Chemistry I and Laboratory (4+1 credits)
Prerequisites: one year high school chemistry, Math 140 (Algebra)

Chem 201/201L. Advanced General Chemistry (5+1 credits)
Prerequisites: Co-enrollment in Math 165 (Calculus I); one year each of high school chemistry and physics

Both General Chemistry options require lab enrollment too

Note: Chem 201/201L (6 credits) = Chem 177/177L + 178 (8 credits)