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Math Placement Information for New Students to Iowa State University

All incoming students (both new freshmen and transferring students) must complete the ALEKS placement assessment before attending the advising meeting. Your placement into a Mathematics course will be determined by your score on this placement assessment. It is strongly recommended that you take this assessment as soon as possible. This will leave you time to work on weak areas should you decide to retake the assessment to qualify for the course you want to take. At the latest, the assessment should be completed at least two weeks before you attend orientation.

Instructions on how to complete the ALEKS Assessment

If you have taken ALEKS at another Iowa Regents university or Iowa community college, ISU will accept your score as long as the assessment was taken within one year. ALEKS scores are valid for one year from the date taken or one year prior to the advising appointment.

Find out more about mathematics courses and get answers to questions about Mathematics placement by checking the Mathematics section of the online course catalog.

If you have ISU Mathematics related questions about ALEKS please email or leave a message at 515-294-2186. You can expect a response
within 48 hours.

ALEKS Assessment Placement Guide

Subject Course Minimum ALEKS Score
Calculus II, III Math 166, 265 80
Calculus I Math 165 76
Pre-Calculus Math 143 51
College Algebra Math 140 39
High school Algebra Math 010 n/a

Link to full ISU Department of Mathematics ALEKS Placement Information

Placement beyond Calculus I