Introductory Biochemistry


BBMB 101 - Introduction to Biochemistry

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Our Biochemistry and Biophysics programs deliver Biochemistry-focused courses throughout all four years of the major. We begin with an introductory course, Biochemistry 101, to explore how Biochemistry explains life processes. Our incoming students have a very wide range of background experiences with Biochemistry. We use the 101 course to get everyone on the same page, familiarizing (or re-familiarizing) the students in our major with the macromolecules that drive life. This is a light, one credit course that introduces what biochemists actually do. The first half is devoted to biochemistry basics to ensure that we’re all speaking the same biochemical “language.” The second half explores the ongoing biotechnology renaissance happening today. We talk about the biochemistry stories underlying current scientific frontiers like the CRISPR gene editing revolution, protein-based therapeutics to treat diseases, and reprograming genes for synthetic biology.

This course is added by default to the schedule of all of our incoming Biochemistry and Biophysics majors.

Biochemistry & Biophysics Learning Community

BBMB 110 - Biochemistry & Biophysics Learning Community

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Iowa State University values community and strong student-faculty connections. Learning Communities seed these connections. The Biochemistry and Biophysics majors share a Learning Community, designated BBMB 110. During the weekly Learning Community meeting time you will discuss academic resources, meet your peers, get to know faculty, and plan for the future.

Our Learning Community is led by a team of upper-level Biochemistry majors who have returned to share their insights and expertise. These “peer mentors” will be available throughout your first year at ISU to answer questions and provide guidance from the student perspective. They also lead the weekly Learning Community meetings. The peer mentors will also be joining us to assist in the process of registering for classes.